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20-Year Galvalume Substrate Warranty

35-Year Trinar Paint System Warranty

Are available on all profiles.

DL-200 and SSL-175 Panels

Have a 20-year Weather Tight Warranty available!



Everlast Metals Tech Data DL-200
The Everlast Metals DL-200 Double-Lock Standing Seam roofing panel utilizes the proven seaming process of Mechanical Locking in conjunction with the floating action of a concealed clip assembly. This design allows for expansion & contraction caused by natural elements, providing a virtually leak proof roof with exceptional wind uplift ratings. The panel is available in a wide variety of materials and finishes including Trinar coated G-90 Galvanized Steel, Galvalume® Steel, and Aluminum, as well as Copper and Zinc. An optional thermally applied pre-assembly in-seam sealant is available. The minimum slope requirement for an Everlast Metals Watertight Warranty is 1:12
Everlast Metals DL-200 panels must be installed in a sequential pattern. Application of a Everlast Metals approved underlayment prior to panel installation is recommended when installed over a solid substrate. Panels must be locked in the field by a mechanical seamer.
Everlast Metals metal panels should be stored in a well-ventilated, dry place where no moisture can contact them. Moisture (from rain, snow, condensation, etc.) trapped between layers of material may cause water stains or white rust, which can affect the service life of the material and will detract from its appearance. If outdoor storage cannot be avoided, protect the panels with a ventilated canvas or waterproof paper cover. Do not use plastic, which can cause condensation. Keep the material off the ground in an inclined position with an insulator such as wood. Protective film may degrade or become brittle with long-term exposure to direct sunlight.
Panel Size
Panel Widths: 10.75", 14.75", 18.75"
Seam Height: 2”
Min. Panel Length: 2.0’
Max. Panel Length: 50’ (Longer lengths require on-site rollforming)

ASTM 1592

UL 680

ASTM E1680

ASTM E1646

Miami Dade County Testing